Springspiration 101

Top – Zara, Jumper – Topshop, Booties – Shoe the Bear

Spring is here! It’s getting to be that time where we can put away our winter coats in favour of bomber jackets, cardigans and a Canadian treasure – the denim jacket. Even as the weather starts to warm up, choosing an outfit can be tricky during this transitional phase that we’re in. Winter attire is overkill but it’s still too early to be shopping for shorts and sandals.

One way to survive this in-between period is investing in an overall dress. Wear it now with a turtleneck then switch to a light blouse or short-sleeve top when temperatures start to rise. This look is warm enough that it doesn’t have to be worn with a coat but not too warm to be uncomfortable if it gets hotter outside throughout the day.

Other pieces to look into during this time are light cardigans, silk scarves, and mules. With the right supplies you’ll be ready for whatever weather conditions Mother Nature may throw at you.

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